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Solar farms are large scale solar installations where photovoltaic (PV) panels, referred to as solar panels, or oth er means of collecting solar energy, like concentrating solar systems are used to harvest the suns power. They're different than rooftop solar systems and even commercial solar power systems in a number of important ways.

Solar farms are also known as solar parks and solar power stations. They operate as power plants, just like a natural gas power plant or other sources of energy generation that have generated electricity for consumers for the last century.

Unlike residential and commercial systems, they're decentralized and usually consist of ground mounted solar panels installed across large areas. In most cases instead of providing power to a local end user like a homeowner or business solar farms provide power to the electric grid and are part of the uti lity's energy mix. There are different types of large solar projects, like community solar farms and utility scale solar farms. Some solar projects, like those built to power data centers or other large users of solar power, have solar farms built purely for their use - sometimes onsite, sometimes offsite.

Off grid solar system

Off grid solar power gives people all over the world the electricity to power their homes. In rural developed countries off grid solar power makes it possible to buy undeveloped land with no utility power very cheaply.You can build an affordable house and live with all the comforts of a city house without the electric bill! With off grid power you are your own electric company! When the sun shines you store excess elec tricity in batteries and draw it out later.An off grid inverter can convert the DC energy from solar panels and batteries into AC electricity which powers normal appliances


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