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About Alpha Solar Systems

Alpha Solar Systems is an experienced developer of ground mounted solar farms and large scale solar systems. Our team has considerable expertise in renewable energy development and has realized over 193 MW for renewable energy projects over the past 7 years. Alpha solar systems is developing its own projects and supports the realization of third party projects. To accelerate the energy transition Alpha Solar Systems, and her partners, encourage the development of solar farms worldwide. We believe that a successful realization of a solar farm or a large scale solar system is based on a few fundamental principles: close consultation with residents, landowners and (local) governments, diligence and care in managing procedures and local involvement.

Alpha solar systems is also the perfect supplier for your solar cell roof tiles Solar cell roof panels. They are increasingly found on roofs around the world. Consumers want sustainable and low cost energy. Therefore, the sales of solar collectors has explosively increased in the last few years. Now there is an alternative solar panels that does justice to the aesthetic requirements. The Alpha solar cell roof tile is a fully fledged solar collector integrated in a ceramic roof tile. Barely noticeable, sustainable, nice to see and effective.


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